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Barcode Scanners

Buy Retail Point of Sale Barcode Scanners in NZ. Shop online for the best prices on the latest Barcode Scanners & Readers from popular brands like Honeywell, Motorola, HP & more. Read our Barcode Scanner Buying Guide

Finding the right barcode scanner can save your business time & money. Below is a quick guide to help you choose the right model

Barcode Scanner Types:

The two primary barcode types are standard linear 1D (your standard barcode with vertical lines) and 2D (such as QR codes). 2D codes can hold much more information than 1D. Each code type has different languages/symbologies. Laser scanners are the most common scanner type. They only read standard 1D barcodes and in general only read from a few inches away. Omni-directional scanners use laser technology but can decode 2D barcodes in addition to 1D. Image-based barcode scanners rely on image capture rather than a laser to read codes. They do not require a dedicated light source so can read barcodes easily. Some image scanners can read 2D.


Corded scanners connect directly to a PC via a cable. USB is the most common connection however serial & PS2 interfaces are available. Wireless, or cordless barcode scanners usually connect via bluetooth technology. A consideration in choosing a cordless scanner is how long the rechargeable battery charge will last under standard operation.

Barcode Features:

Handheld scanners are the most common feature type. They are portable with one hand operation and typically use a trigger point and scan operation. Counter-top or presentation scanners are designed for hands-free scanning. They are generally much faster at scanning codes through a stationery scanner. Rugged scanners which offer increased durability are designed for industrial use in a warehouse or outdoor environment.
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