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Memory Cards

Buy Memory Cards in NZ. Shop online for the best prices on CF Cards, SD & Micro SD Cards as well as Memory Card Readers from brands including Adata, Kingston, Transcend, Verbatim & more. Read our Memory Card Buying Guide

We list a big range of memory cards. Below is handy advice on the different types and variations of cards available.

Card Capacity:

In general bigger is better when it comes to capacity however this can depend on the limitation of your device & type of files you are working with. Some users prefer to purchase several lower capacity cards over a single large capacity card in case of a card failure or data corruption.

Card Types:

The main types of memory cards currently available include SD, micro SD & compact flash cards. SD cards are the most common card type which are mainly used in digital & video cameras. Micro SD cards are the smallest sized cards on the market and are typically used in mobile & tablet devices. Both SD & micro SD cards are available in SDHC (high capacity) & SDXC (extra capacity). It is important you make sure your device is compatible with these different formats. Compact Flash (CF) cards were common, however are now only compatible with selected high end DSLR cameras.

Card Speeds:

A memory card has two types of memory speeds, read and write speeds. Read speeds refer to the speed performance when transferring data from the card to another device (i.e computer or printer). Write speeds refer to how fast images can be saved onto the card, which is important for shooting high quality photos or recording high definition (HD, 2k, 4k) videos.

If you need any help selecting the correct memory card for your device please contact our tech team.

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