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Purchasing a tablet can be a daunting task with the amount of different makes, models and features. Below are key features to consider when choosing a tablet

Screen Size & Resolution:

Most tablet devices offer screen sizes around the 7-10 inch range. Convertible and larger tablets typically feature screen sizes around 11-13 inches which makes them less portable but a suitable laptop replacement. A key factor to consider with screen size will be whether you intend to hold your tablet in hand or use in a tablet stand as well as portability. Resolution refers to the number of dots (pixels) on screen. You'll see greater detail on a high-resolution screen which is important when viewing HD content.

Operating System:

The operating system controls many of the tablet’s functions and will dictate which apps you can run. Apple iOS, Android and Windows are the main operating systems. Googles Android is featured on many tablets from a variety of different manufactures. Android tablets are known for their customisation and run Google Play store. Windows tablets run a similar system found on windows based PC’s. Windows tablets need to be powerful as they can run programs like Microsoft Office and are generally suited to customers requiring a tablet for business.

Storage and Expandability:

Tablets typically come with a small amount of internal storage. Convertible tablets and some windows based tablets can offer internal storage similar to a notebook. Some tablets offer expandable storage via a memory card which is an inexpensive way to increase your devices storage capacity. Another option is to store your files on the cloud which you can access anytime from multiple devices via a WiFi or cellular connection.


Tablets offer Wi-Fi and cellular connections (which include 3G & 4G) You only will need cellular connectivity if you intend to access the internet when away from a WiFi area. Please note a data plan will be required. Most tablets offer Bluetooth which enable you to communicate/pair with other Bluetooth devices.

Processor and RAM:

These features will determine the speed of your tablet and its ability to handle multiple tasks and applications. This is a crucial consideration to how your tablet will perform. Apple, Android and Windows tablets all use different types of processors so we recommend you check product reviews and benchmarks to see how different tablets perform. In general the more you pay the high spec processor and more memory (RAM) will be included.

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