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USB Flash Drives

Buy USB Flash Drives in NZ. Shop online for the best prices on our range of USB Memory Drives from brands including Adata, Corsair, Kingston, Transcend & more. Read our USB Drive Buying Guide

With such a large range of USB drives available on our site, we have provided some useful information below to select the right storage drive.

USB Speeds:

USB 2.0 and 3.0 are the most common types of USB interfaces. USB 2.0 can transfer speeds up to 60MB/sec while the newer USB 3.0 can offer transfer speeds up to 625MB/sec. All USB 3.0 devices are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports but will then transfer data at the slower speed.

OTG Drives:

OTG (on-the-go) drives allow you to share data between your computer and OTG supported devices like smart phones and tablets. These drives will have both a USB and micro USB interface so you can plug the drive directly into your phone or tablet device

Rugged USB Drives:

We sell a range of water & shock resistant drives for users who require the ability to transport storage devices in a range of different environments. This type of drive can also be useful to protect your data from accidental knocks or drops.

Secure USB Drives:

If your business or organisation requires extreme data privacy and protection we do offer a range of suitable memory drives. Our Kingston Vault Privacy and Data Traveller 4000 range offer maximum security with a range of features and options including password protection and advanced encryption of your data.
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