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Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Single Rank SODIMM Memory - For Specific Asus Laptops

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Product Description:

Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Single Rank SODIMM Memory - For Specific Asus Laptops


All Kingston memory modules must perform properly to ensure maximum performance. Therefore, Kingston has developed an industry leading quality process to ensure that Kingston memory delivers superior quality, performance, and 100% compatibility with the computing system the module is designed for.


Form Factor: SoDIMM
Number of Pins: 204-pin
Memory Size: 4GB
Memory Speed: 1333 MHz
Memory Technology: DDR3 SDRAM
Number of Modules: 1 x 4 GB

Memory upgrade compatible models:

ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A43E
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A43SA
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A43SD
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A43SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A43SM
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A43SV
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53E
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53SD
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53SM
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53SV
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53TA
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53U
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A53Z
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A73SV
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A83SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A84SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A93SM
ASUS/ASmobile - A Series Notebook A93SV
ASUS/ASmobile - Bamboo Notebook U43SD
ASUS/ASmobile - G53 Notebook G53SW
ASUS/ASmobile - G53 Notebook G53SX
ASUS/ASmobile - G73 Notebook G73SW
ASUS/ASmobile - G74 Notebook G74SX
ASUS/ASmobile - K43 Notebook K43SD
ASUS/ASmobile - K43 Notebook K43SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - K43 Notebook K43SM
ASUS/ASmobile - K43 Notebook K43SV
ASUS/ASmobile - K53 Notebook K53E
ASUS/ASmobile - K53 Notebook K53SC
ASUS/ASmobile - K53 Notebook K53SD
ASUS/ASmobile - K53 Notebook K53SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - K53 Notebook K53SV
ASUS/ASmobile - K73 Notebook K73BR
ASUS/ASmobile - K73 Notebook K73E
ASUS/ASmobile - K73 Notebook K73SD
ASUS/ASmobile - K73 Notebook K73SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - K73 Notebook K73SV
ASUS/ASmobile - K73 Notebook K73TK
ASUS/ASmobile - K84 Notebook K84L
ASUS/ASmobile - K93 Notebook K93SM
ASUS/ASmobile - K93 Notebook K93SV
ASUS/ASmobile - Lamborghini Notebook VX7
ASUS/ASmobile - Lamborghini Notebook VX7SX
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N43SL
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N43SM
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N43SN
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N45SF
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N45SL Jay Chou Mystic Edition
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N53SM
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N53SV
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N53TA
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N53TK
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N55SF
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N55SL
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N75SF
ASUS/ASmobile - N Series Notebook N75SL
ASUS/ASmobile - P31 Notebook P31SD
ASUS/ASmobile - P31 Notebook P31SG
ASUS/ASmobile - P41 Notebook P41SV
ASUS/ASmobile - P43 Notebook P43E
ASUS/ASmobile - P43 Notebook P43SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - P53 Notebook P53SJ
ASUS/ASmobile - PRO Series Notebook B23E
ASUS/ASmobile - PRO Series Notebook B33E
ASUS/ASmobile - PRO Series Notebook B43E
ASUS/ASmobile - PRO Series Notebook B43S
ASUS/ASmobile - PRO Series Notebook B53E
ASUS/ASmobile - PRO Series Notebook B53S
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro33 Notebook Pro33S
ASUS/ASmobile - Pro36 Notebook PRO36SD-RX379D
ASUS/ASmobile - U24 Notebook U24E
ASUS/ASmobile - U30 Notebook U30SD
ASUS/ASmobile - U31 Notebook U31SD
ASUS/ASmobile - U31 Notebook U31SG
ASUS/ASmobile - U36 Notebook U36SD
ASUS/ASmobile - U36 Notebook U36SG
ASUS/ASmobile - U40 Notebook U40SD
ASUS/ASmobile - U41 Notebook U41SV
ASUS/ASmobile - U44 Notebook U44SG
ASUS/ASmobile - U46 Notebook U46E
ASUS/ASmobile - U46 Notebook U46SM
ASUS/ASmobile - U46 Notebook U46SV
ASUS/ASmobile - U53 Notebook U53SD
ASUS/ASmobile - U56 Notebook U56E
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X35SD
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X43U
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X53SC
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X53SD
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X53TA
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X53U
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X73BR
ASUS/ASmobile - X Series Notebook X73E-TY139V

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Additional Details:

  • Stock Availability: Out of Stock!
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Manufacturer: Kingston Shop
  • Product Found In: Laptop Memory
  • Model Number: KAS-N3BS/4G
  • Part Number: T30353